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Automating the site acquisition process

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Traditional Site Acquisition

Traditionally, the locations of wireless access points are carefully planned by the network operator.  Once the locations are determined, teams of people knock on doors to find property owners willing to host towers and radios.  Permits are obtained, contracts are drafted and eventually neighborhoods enjoy cellular service.  But this process is very manual requiring a number of people with different skills to acquire the land necessary for a single tower.  

Copying these same processes used for the development of thousands of macro cells, and then applying them to build millions of small cells, means we could be waiting years, if not decades, to see a complete network of small cell radios. 


Host-Operated Model

Airwaive uses a host-operated radio model to remove some of the barriers of small cell deployments, making it faster and cheaper to deploy.  Under Airwaive’s approach, some of the traditional processes are automated in software and controlled by the operator.  Others can be managed by property owners (hosts) resulting in reduced personnel resource requirements for operators and their field tech partners. 

For example, many of the tasks associated with site acquisition can be automated with simple rules to value a wireless coverage area with hosts signing up and staking claims through simplistic Internet apps.  Certain, more advanced tasks for small cell radio management can be handled by the operator remotely with virtualized radios while basic tasks can be performed by hosts themselves.

With Airwaive, network operators can overcome barriers to achieving cost effective and timely small cell deployments by re-thinking long standing network buildout strategies and using a host-operated business model that has proven transformative for many other business sectors.

Posted : November 13, 2021 10:44 pm