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Why are we focused on the decentralized "last mile" of the Internet?

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The Problem

In November 2021, the US passed an infrastructure bill raising the broadband threshold download speed to a minimum of 100 Mbps, and the minimum upload speed to 20 Mbps.  This speed allows a family of four, working and learning from home, to be on video calls simultaneously.

However, according to a report from late 2020, when this new broadband threshold is applied to the world’s population, only 12% of the world meets or exceeds this threshold.

  • 49% of global users are unserved (have no broadband access)
  • 39% of global users are underserved (<= 100 Mbps)
  • 12% of global users have broadband access (>100 Mbps)


The Reason

Although the backbone of the Internet is a decentralized, global network of interconnected servers, the connection between the user and the nearest Internet Service Provider (ISP), referred to as the last mile of Internet, is often centralized.  Typically, there is only a single choice of an ISP, if any, between the user and the Internet.  This centralization results in limited options and contributes to the lack of broadband access. Specifically, it causes:

  • Higher prices due to a lack of competition
  • Lower service availability due to a single traffic route


The Proposed Solution

Utilizing a disruptive model for network creation and operation, the Airwaive Project aims to decentralize the last mile of the Internet using wireless technologies, thereby lowering the cost of providing broadband Internet and bringing more users into the Digital Age.

The community plays a significant role in this mission.  There are new roles in this model, including hosts of wireless access points that enable connectivity between users and the Internet and validators of such connectivity to generate the rewards that form the incentive to build networks.  This model is possible now because of new advancements in wireless technology like 5G, and because of decentralized technologies like blockchain. 

The Airwaive Project provides the tools and incentives for the components of a decentralized wireless network to thrive, offering service providers, hosts and validators the resources and motivation to build and scale the Internet using wireless to reach everyone on the planet.  Our mission is not complete until 100% of the world has affordable access to broadband Internet.


Posted : November 13, 2021 10:58 pm